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Pro Fucking Choice Crop Top with Pink, Yellow, and Purple Pocket Logo

Pro Fucking Choice Crop Top with Pink, Yellow, and Purple Pocket Logo

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Shirt features three line pocket size logo with pro choice message in retro font because we are dealing with retro issues apparently 

I thought we had established already that a woman's body is her own dang business or any other uterus owner for that matter

Help fight the patriarchy with this aggressively pro fucking choice shirt


genderless fashion, political fashion, queer fashion, radical feminist, roe v wade 

roe v wade, abortion rights, Genderless Fashion Top, political, women's rights, reproductive rights

Shirts are ethically sourced via Los Angelos Apparel.

Shirts are made in Los Angeles, Calif. Los Angelos Apparel's experienced seamstresses earn an average of up to $20 an hour or more and no less than $15. Plus benefits and overtime.

If you have any questions PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me. I am happy to work with you to do any CUSTOMIZATIONS you might be interested in!

Return Policy:

I make each piece (seriously) with intention and love. Each piece is MEANT for whoever has the pleasure to receive it. All sales are final. Please contact me if there are any issues.

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Items are designed and made by me with love and intention for my budding brand Forest Witch.

Forest Witch LLC is an inclusive life-style brand featuring Queer-Made and Witch-Made Esoteric Goods and Apparel.

Growing this small business is my dream and I send you the warmest vibes and intentions <3.

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