Collection: #SwiftiesForPalestine

Proceeds from Sales will go to the Family I am Helping to Sponsor in Gaza from Operation Olive Branch...Information can be found here:

-----A Message from the Family-----

Hi everyone

I’m Nour, I’m alone with my three children: Nahed, 5 years old, Elien, 3 years old, little Kareem, only 7 months old. My husband has been in Egypt since before the war started. Because of the destruction of our home in northern Gaza, we were displaced several times, until we arrived in Rafah. Our children are suffering a lot from the lack of food and clean water, milk and diapers are nowhere available.

We hope that through this link we can collect our travel costs so that we can reach safety and reunite our family in a safe place where we can build a better future. As you know, escaping from Gaza is very difficult because of the high costs. We can’t collect it because we lost everything we had, unfortunately. The coordination price for travel for an adult is $ 5000 . And $2,500 per child
I hope to help children recover from this war and start a healthy life, like others children in the world.

Thank you for reading my story. I hope you can help me by donating or sharing the link. Everything, no matter how little the act is, can contribute to saving innocent lives.

This is great humanitarian work.

Humanity brings us together in this world.