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Blue Crewneck Dupe (Original) Glendale to Los Angeles // PRE-ORDER SHIPS IN 2 - 6 WEEKS

Blue Crewneck Dupe (Original) Glendale to Los Angeles // PRE-ORDER SHIPS IN 2 - 6 WEEKS

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Hi! These will ship in 2 to 6 weeks depending on the number of orders I am currently processing! Thank you for being patient!

Dates: Glendale to Los Angeles 


I want to be really transparent...these take me an incredibly long time to make...and that is reflected in the price.  I am a one-person small business and do everything myself; each sweatshirt is handmade. 

Because of the intricacy of the design on the back, each of these takes me about 2 to 3 hours to make. 

Full transparency again, these are also very expensive for me to make. Not just because of the time, but the actual printable vinyl I use for this is pricey. This helps prevent the "cracking" many people have complained about regarding tour merch. 

Each crewneck uses an entire of a roll of smart printable vinyl. So, I just again want to be really transparent that this is an investment for me to make each of these and I put a lot of time and care into them.


For international shipping:

I am charging 20% handling fees to cover anticipated customs cost however final cost is determined at customs and is ultimately the responsibility lies on the importer. 

Right now I only ship internationally to Mexico and Canada. There is no charge on U.S. shipping addresses. 


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